Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 5: God's Ways...Scripture Reading: Genesis 30:1-24

This week's devotion from Miracles by Karen Kingsbury is from Genesis 30:1-24.  Karen Kingsbury tells us about a couple who have struggled to have their own children for years.  They finally reach a point where they are able to put their fears of adoption aside and trust in God.  God ended up giving them a child through adoption.

How do we, as parents of children with autism, apply this devotion to our lives?  For me, the following verse that Karen Kingsbury wrote grabbed ahold of my heart...

"They're all on loan, when you think about it."  Margaret let the idea sink in.  All children belong to God.  His to give, his to take, on loan for a season."

God has entrusted us with His children.  They are all "on loan" to us.  You are the parent that God knew your children needed the most.  As parents of children with autism we are faced with many decisions and many paths to take to help our children.  I amazed at all of the new paths that are put in front of us almost daily on what we can do to help them.  How do we know what to do?  Which path to take?

We need to remember that all of our children are God's "on loan" to us.  We need to ask Him what paths we should take.

Let's look at this even further...God has trusted us with our amazing children with special needs.  He knows how much your children need you as their parents and not anyone else.  You are the parents who can help them feel better, build them up, love on them, provide them the patience and understanding they need.  No one else.  God chose you.

I know how overwhelming and hard the days (and the nights) can be.  I know you have probably asked "why my child, why our family, why me?"  God knows you, knows your child and knows your family.  He knows the strength, the love and the happiness you can give your child.  He chose you.  You can do this.   

Our children are on loan to us from God.  We need to care for them as He needs us to.  Ask God what He needs for you to do for your child and for Him.

"They are the children God has graciously given your servant."  -Genesis 33:5

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