Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1 Peter 2:1-10

We all face disappointment in life at one time or another.  Whether it be not getting a job we were hoping to be offered or our spouse letting us down, we will face disappointment at one point.  During this time we need to remember that God will never let us down.  We need to remain faithful and true to God and his word.

The verse that just struck me the most in this week's reading is 1 Peter 2:6...

As the Scripture expresses it,
"I am placing a stone in Jerusalem,
a chose cornerstone, 
and anyone who believes in him
will never be disappointed."

My bible, Life Application Study Bible, explains this verse even further...

Christians will sometimes be put to shame or face disappointment in this life, but their trust in God is never misplaced.  God will not let them down.  We can safely put our confidence in him because the eternal life he promises is certain.

What disappointment are you facing in life?  What hurt or shame are you experiencing?  Have you truly trusted in God during this time.

I think about what my family and I go through with autism.  The struggles that my son with autism faces on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, on a minute by minute basis.  I think about the struggles that my son without autism faces as he's trying to understand autism and how he can truly connect with his twin brother.  I look at my husband as he pours himself hour after hour into work so that he can financially provide anything that Sean may need.  I watch as he still continues to worry about our children's future.  I feel the disappointment that I feel myself.  The disappointment that makes me, as the mom, feel guilty.  Guilty for feeling any kind of disappointment that has anything to do with my child.  You see, it's not my child that has disappointed me.  It's the struggles that he faces that get to me.  However, these struggles are related to my child so it really throws me through an emotional loop.

It's during these struggles and disappointment that we need to remember that we can trust in God.  If the only thing we can remember during our hardships is to trust in the Lord, than we will make it.

As we all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Let's take the time to remember what we are truly thankful for in our lives.  Our children, our spouses, food on the table, family, our health, God's word, and so much more.  Take the time tomorrow to see the blessings and not the hardships.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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