Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 9: The Voice In The Storm Scripture Reading Psalm 107 (Miracles by Karen Kingsbury)

In Week 9's devotion of Miracles by Karen Kingsbury, we learn of a young man who becomes lost in the snow.  He hears someone reaching out to help him and helps him safely find his way home.

The scripture reading Karen Kingsbury has with this devotion is Psalm 107.  Psalm 107 teaches us the importance of praising God for all He has done for us.  We also need to share with others the way He has moved in our lives.

Bad things happen all of the time.  Storms come and storms go.  We will all have trials in life.  What's important for us to remember is that no matter how difficult or how minor our storm may seem, God is here to help us.  He will be the voice we are looking for when we are not sure which way to go.  We just have to go to Him.

We also need to remember that when God does things for you, it's important that we thank Him and also show people what He's done for us.  This way, they see how He can help them as well.

What has God done for you?  Has your child with autism made huge strides because of a path God has taken you down?  Is your family stronger than ever while facing autism because God has given you the strength to carry on?  Maybe your faith is deeper than it has ever been because God has given you peace.

Autism is a huge storm.  It's a strong storm.  At times it can be very overwhelming and blinding.  You need God.  You need His help through this storm.  And as He takes your hand and guides you down the right paths, be sure to praise Him and share with others how He has blessed your life.

Great trials in life should bring out a lot of praise for God.

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