Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Miracles: Week 2, Scripture Reading Acts 27: 13-26

This week's devotion is centered around Acts 27: 13-26.  Karen Kingsbury tells the story of a doctor who is approached by a little girl begging her to come save her mom.  She leads her to her mother just in time to save her.  After the mom thanks the doctor, the doctor says she could have never done it without her daughter's help.  Her daughter died a month earlier.

In Acts 27: 13-26, we learn about a storm that is constantly battling a ship and it's crew.  Finally, after the third day, Paul stands up and tells the men they should have listened to him on which way to go. Then, he encouraged them to not be afraid and to trust God.

Think of the different storms in your life and how they can persistently tear you down.  Some days it's like hurricane force winds attacking you in every direction.  Other days, it's a rocky storm throwing you in every direction.  We know we need to get out of the storm but we are too scared and don't know which way to go.  Sounds like the men on the ship, right?

We need to remember Paul's advice and take courage and trust in God.  Every one of us out there has storms.  Some storms seem worse than others.  However, we all have storms to go through.  There's only one way to calm these storms, and that is to trust in God.  Find the way he needs you to go in your life.  Spend time with Him so you can hear the direction He wants you to go, not the direction you want to go.  The key is to spend time with Him.  Read your Bible, attend church, and pray consistently throughout your day.  Go to Him before you go to anyone else.  He will not steer you wrong.

Looking back at the story that Karen Kingsbury told in Week 2 of the doctor and the little "angel", this doctor was overworked, tired, and probably feeling like she was in the middle of one strong storm.  Then, a little girl knocks on her door.  She stands courageous and follows her because she just knew God needed her to follow her.  That's what we need to be able to do.  Go, when God asks us to go.  Stay, when He asks us to stay.  Be there for others, when He needs us to.  The only way we will know what He needs is for us to do is to listen for Him to tell us.

Your Word and guidance will never steer us wrong.  We are very quick to call on others for their guidance before we call on you.  Our storms in our lives are strong and sometimes come on very quickly.  You know this and only You know the right path for us to take.  Please help us stay faithful in the storms as you guide us in the path we are to take.
In Your Name we pray,

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